S3E24. Have We Lost the Ability to Overcome Anything?

Episode 23 December 19, 2022 00:59:37
S3E24. Have We Lost the Ability to Overcome Anything?
Friends Next Door
S3E24. Have We Lost the Ability to Overcome Anything?

Dec 19 2022 | 00:59:37


Show Notes

How many times have you heard someone saying that adulting is hard? You have to juggle so many things that come at you in life - finding and keeping a full time job, making a career out of that job, maintaining friendships, taking care of family members, AND finding time for self care. Oh and figuring out how to do your taxes! 

So yeah, no one would throw any blame if you complain about how hard life is from time to time. If you get carried away, though, you might end up feeling way too burdened by all the responsibilities that come with adulthod and giving up. So what's the best way to tackle this thing called life? 

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