S3E23. How Many Versions of You Are There??

Episode 22 December 12, 2022 00:44:28
S3E23. How Many Versions of You Are There??
Friends Next Door
S3E23. How Many Versions of You Are There??

Dec 12 2022 | 00:44:28


Show Notes

Is there a "work" you, a "family" you, a "secret agent" you? Do you, like Chandler, have a work laugh your significant other hates?  Going one step further, have you, again like Chandler, influenced your partner to also have a work laugh around your work colleagues?  Is this a fake way to behave?  We talked about the concept of "Being On" in our S3E21. I Need a New Social Battery episode and now we expand more into that with the different "versions" of us.  Listen to us flip through the different versions we identify in ourselves and let us know if you have a specific version of you which comes out when you least expect it or if you know exactly what triggers it.

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