S2E39. We're Thankful For...

Episode 39 December 30, 2021 01:04:00
S2E39. We're Thankful For...
Friends Next Door
S2E39. We're Thankful For...

Dec 30 2021 | 01:04:00


Show Notes

As we close another year, let's take some time to look back and reflect on the things that happened this year. Things haven't been so easy recently and that might be an understatement to some people, but we hope you'd be able to find happiness and moments of gratitude in your day to day. If this hasn't been your year, that's okay, we can always do better moving forward! Quick PSA: we're taking a quick break and will be back next season with a brand new look! Be well and we'll be back in your lives soon :)

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