S2E26 Squid Game Hype.. Love It or Hate It?

Episode 26 October 11, 2021 00:59:24
S2E26 Squid Game Hype.. Love It or Hate It?
Friends Next Door
S2E26 Squid Game Hype.. Love It or Hate It?

Oct 11 2021 | 00:59:24


Show Notes

**HEADS UP: Light spoilers on plot lines for very popular shows/films in this episode**

Have you seen the Netflix series Squid Game? Some of us have and while we were talking about this series, we thought it was interesting to chat about why we watch the things we watch...is it the hype, intriguing storyline, or something else? 

By the way, we're taking film/tv recommendations so let us know if there's anything we HAVE to check out! 

And as always, if you have a burning question, find us here:

Email: [email protected]

IG: @frndsnextdoor

Dan: @therealdanchen

Mia: @msmiaaa

Thomas: @nomastmas


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