S2E23. You Are Now INSTANTLY "Attractive"

Episode 23 September 20, 2021 00:45:30
S2E23. You Are Now INSTANTLY "Attractive"
Friends Next Door
S2E23. You Are Now INSTANTLY "Attractive"

Sep 20 2021 | 00:45:30


Show Notes

Some of these things have been played out time and time again in the shows and media we see on the daily. Some of these are completely personal. Is there ANY validity to them and please, share with us, do you find veiny hands attractive?

*Note* Attraction is completely personal and this episode is catered around poking fun at some of our personal feels and things media/society push. Whether you do/don't do any of these has no bearing on your attractiveness. You do you, you beautiful soul :) #jessemccartney

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