S2E20. 2012 vs. 2021 | Ft. Jensen Tung

Episode 20 August 30, 2021 00:50:46
S2E20. 2012 vs. 2021 | Ft. Jensen Tung
Friends Next Door
S2E20. 2012 vs. 2021 | Ft. Jensen Tung

Aug 30 2021 | 00:50:46


Show Notes

No doubt there is a new wave of influencers in 2021 and here at FND we love to hear about and talk through why people do the work they do.  In 2021, the standards on social media almost seem too high, so we were very excited to have Youtube content creator, Jensen Tung, with us on this episode to pull back the curtain a bit for us on how he works as a creator, his start, and his "Why".  You'll hear Dan and Mia trade stories from "the good ole' days" and Jensens' early start on Youtube (circa. 2006), his OTGW fan story in Vancouver, and his celeb look-alike. 

GO FOLLOW JENSEN ON ALL HIS SOCIALS: https://beacons.ai/jensentung

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