S2E2. Are We Romantically Challenged?

Episode 2 March 16, 2021 00:54:37
S2E2. Are We Romantically Challenged?
Friends Next Door
S2E2. Are We Romantically Challenged?

Mar 16 2021 | 00:54:37


Show Notes

On this episode, we dig DEEP into the question of whether we are 'romantically challenged' and we have to say that it was easily the most uncomfortable one to record, because that's what happens when we look within ourselves. BUT we think it is important sometimes to look at yourself (or each other in our case, lol) and ask hard hitting questions. 

Hope you enjoy listening to this one and hope you get some nuggets of useful friendly advice here and there. More importantly, we hope you can relate to some of our stories! 

As always, if you have a burning question, shoot us a question here:

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