S2E16. Fast Food: Love It or Hate It?

Episode 16 August 02, 2021 00:44:38
S2E16. Fast Food: Love It or Hate It?
Friends Next Door
S2E16. Fast Food: Love It or Hate It?

Aug 02 2021 | 00:44:38


Show Notes

We LOVE fast food. And as you listen through our convo, you will see that some of us love it more than the others. Why do you think fast food has become indispensable in our lives? Is it the modern lifestyle so fast paced that we don't have time to make food? Is it the tempting price points? The nostalgia? The feels it gives us? 

We also just want to say that we're not advocating for fast food, but simply acknowledging that we do enjoy eating it every once in a while :D. Do you have a go-to fast food joint?  

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